In the UK, to be able to provide diagnostics and treatment planning in Myofunctional Therapy, you will need to be able to show a valid qualification and registration to either the GDC as a Dental Hygienist and Therapist or with the RCSLT as a Speech and Language Therapist.
These qualifications give a knowledge base of the stomathognathic system and provide higher education training in the provision of clinical therapeutic treatments. Therapists are also given in-depth knowledge of different learning styles, clinical referal pathways, how to work under clinical supervision, documenting cases, evidence based practice, and more.

Myofunctional Therapy practitioners need to maintain their professional body registration (GDC or RCSLT) to practice in the UK. It is important to be aware that countries have different guidelines particularly for practicing abroad. If you are seeing patients located abroad, remotely from the UK, you will need to be registered with your profession’s regulatory body and your medical malpractice for Myofunctional Therapy will need to cover the countries where your patients are located. This can be discussed with the insurance company, the policy price varies according to this and the practitioner’s qualification.

Currently to provide Myofunctional Therapy in the UK as a Therapist or as an Assistant Therapist, the BSMFT guidelines are:

A- To be qualified and registered with the GDC or the RCSLT as a RDHT, RDN or SALT

B- To have completed at least basic postgraduate training in Myofunctional Therapy by an approved provider:


C – Be actively working towards other modules related to the field, such as:

– Breathing re-education
– Dental sleep medicine and airway health
– Dental occlusion classification
– Tethered Oral Tissues Assessment, wound healing management
– TMJ Therapy
– Infant and child development
– Fascia systems
– Lactation support

D- To have valid medical malpractice insurance covering the provision of Myofunctional Therapy in the UK (and abroad if treating international patients remotely from the UK). This must be specified in writing in the policy.

E- To belong to a society or an association in the field of Myofunctional Therapy, working to further the field and to attend regular professional development study sessions with them. This should be documented and traceable.

The BSFMT provides this on a monthly basis.
If you have any queries or wish to join the BSMFT, you are welcome to email us.